Spring naar inhoud

Call for Works (English)

Call to all creative souls infected by the Virus of Free Lyricism

We kindly invite you to participate in the KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL’s third edition, held in Kessel-Lo, Belgium from september 3d to 5th 2010.

You can decide to participate up until the CARNAVAL ends by

  • send us objects,  texts, (scrap or chap)books, graphic works, documents of any kind by regular mail.
    Smidsestraat 31
    B-3010 Kessel-Lo
  • e-mail your digital files to dirk_at_vilt.net, explaining in your mail how you’d like your files shown or made available
  • Drag your feet over here and do whatever you think is required in the nature of performance, spoken word, music dance, declamation or combinations thereoff. Mail dirk_at_vilt.net, or call Dirk Vekemans at ++32 476494818 if you need more info or if you want to have your presence registered.Food and accommodation is supplied for performing participants.
  • You can come and distribute your small press and all selfmade indi-stuff here (small objects only) or let us do that for you.
  • Help us out getting things done as volunteer, setting the stage,do the bar, make promo,…
    Mail or call  and we’ll see what you can do.

The KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL : for the third time, without any sponsoring or financial support,  participants from all over the world will join us for a celebration of indepent and unbound creativity. Visitors will gather, have fun while enjoying poetic readings, performances, music, theater, spoken word and all kinds of  visual arts in a childfriendly environment.
It’s a golden opportunity to get to know the work of some of the most interesting people around in a relaxed and unforced way and it’s all entirely free. Participants attend or contribute in the spirit of free exchange of cultural goods.

All contributions are diligently archived and will be shown at subsequent edition inasmuch as space and time allows.  At the end of this five year project, an on- and offline exhibition will be held showing all contributions 2008-2012.

Please include a short biographical note as you see fit.

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